Govt: Jahanzeb College


Saidu Sharif Swat

Department of Political Science


Mr. Muhammad Younas

Department of Political Science

Political science as the science of the state is called the royal science. It is the core of national life and pilot of statecraft. State, according to Plato, is natural to man as human is social and political being. Since all the information regarding state craft is provided by political science, it shows the importance of this discipline, especially in modern democratic era in which the role and participation of individual in the state is so distinct and vital.

Name: Mr. Muhammad Younas
: Associate Professor of Political Science
Cell No: 03469171267

Name: Mr. Tahir Khan
: Assistant Professor in Political Science

Name: Mr. Sohail Naeem
: Lecturer of Political Science

Name: Mr. Afsar Ali
: Lecturer of Political Science
Cell No: 03339818824


Name: Mr. Naimat Khan
: Political Science Department
Designation: Lab Attendant

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