Govt: Jahanzeb College


Saidu Sharif Swat

Department of Pashto


Mr. Attaurahman

Department of Pashto

Pashto literature is the perch of history, living Culture, glorious custom, psychologically worthy treasures and the flowing stream of Pashtun nation and its soil. Its importance for Pashtun culture and nation is well-known and recognized throughout the world. Keeping in view the expansion of Pashtun geography, Pashtun Literature’s future seems glimmering and will have a profound individual status. On one side it is the important element of National Educational Institutes, while on the other hand it has its own cosmic individuality and distinctiveness. It has always drawn the attention of the world as well as served the nation with its captivating nature, beauty, attraction and dual function (esthetic and moral values) in society. It also has the credit to have produced the great works that has always brought pride and shown the unique status of Pashtun nation and literature.

Name: Mr. Attaurahman
: Assistant Professor of Pashto
Cell No
: 03479109714

Name: Mr. Fazal Wahid
: Lecturer of Pashto
Cell No: 03333662021

Name: Mr. Shaukat Hussain
: Pashtoo Department
Designation: Lab Attendant
Cell No: 03469428541
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