Govt: Jahanzeb College


Saidu Sharif Swat

Proctorial Board


The Main Duties Of Proctorial Monitors Are:

To Observe The rules Of Coutesy Themselves.

They Have To Present In The College Functions to ensure decency and order among students. Durindg their vacant period they will be only duty to see that the college rules are properly observed. Regular patrol of the college compus as asigned by the chief proctor for maintanig high standard of dicipline.

Duties Of Proctorial Monitors

Proctorial monitors should check and report the students where without uniform and college ID Card in the college hostel. Smoking, Pasting Of Stickers or wrinting slogans anywhere in the college/hostel premises. Using College Balcony/Terraces For Speeches. Including in politics. (A given in the undertaking)





Chief Proctor:

Mr. Badir Munir





Prof: Mumtaz Ali (State)

Prof: Hamid Iqbal (Physics)

Prof: Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah (Eng)

Prof: Hayat Ul Haq

Teaching staff are Ex-Officio members





SPM    : Mr.Taj Muhammad

ASPM : Mr.Abdullah Khan



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