Govt: Jahanzeb College


Saidu Sharif Swat

Department of Zoology


Mr. Nazir Ahmad

Department of Zoology

The department of zoology is the initial stages of development, and it present, it offers a four-year course in zoology. Zoology is a subject is multidisciplinary in nature, involving study of organisms and their genetic, morphological and physiological attributes, their surrounding environment, and their role in conservation of environment. Zoology is the combination of various disciplines such as genetics, Physiology, Ecology, Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Paleontology, Entomology, Freshwater Biology, Fisheries, and Wildlife etc.

Name: Mr. Nazir Ahmad
: Assistant Professor of Zoology
Cell No
: 03333511455

Name: Dr. Karim Ullah
: Lecturer in Zoology
Cell No: 03469415783

Name: Mr. Nisar Ali
: Zoology Department
Designation: Class IV
Cell No: 03439478082
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