Prof. Muhammad Salim

I , as Principal, feel highly privileged and honored to pen down my message for the students of Govt Postgraduate Jahanzeb College, Swat. Undoubtedly, Jahanzeb College is a trailblazer for the rest of the institutions in KPK because of its rich history, exceptional teaching and learning environment and its key role in the enlightenment and development of the people of the area. Jahanzeb college has always aimed at shaping and broadening the spectrum of thinking of its students over the years.

In fact, many lucky students after having graduated from Jahanzeb College have always embarked on excellent careers. They are efficiently serving their own people here in Pakistan and the humanity abroad in various capacities and earning good name for their beloved country Pakistan. Obviously, the credit for this monumental success goes to the Ex ruler of Swat. Maj.General. Miangul Abdul Haq Jahanzeb, who laid the foundation of this towering and awe-inspiring building in 1952, with the clear vision of steering clear Swat from retrogression onto the path of progress, peace, prosperity and development. Though established in 1952 for a few hundred local students, it’s an amazing fact that the college in its original shape is catering to the needs of thousands of students both local and non-local from other parts of the province, which is the recognition of the fact how much the college has grown  in its stature and strength.

I, as  principal of the college, feel very proud and happy to say that keeping in line with the new trends of this constantly changing micro-chip world and given the enormity of the task of modern education, we remained undaunted and have braced ourselves to provide the best possible learning environment to our current and prospective students of our college. I have willingly accepted this challenge of turning Govt. Jahanzeb college into an ideal educational institution, simply because I owe my present status to Jahanzeb college. And not only me most of the principals of the recent past before me were Jahanzebians like me. I am confident because I  know that I am not alone in this noble mission. I have a professional team of teachers, whose commitment, drive and vision are exemplary.  Committed faculty is an essential pre-requisite for the success of any institution.  For us all the fountain head of our motivation is the scintillating record in curricular as well as co-curricular activities that JC has been enjoying.

Since its first academic session, our college has been going from strength to strength by the grace of Allah. It all mainly due to the unflinching commitment and dedication of its hardworking, caring and competent teaching faculty and the support of those who wants to see Swat the cradle of learning once again.  Personally, I believe that education is a panacea of the all the ills we are suffering from.

I say this with a sense of pride and satisfaction that Jahanzeb College is experiencing a marvelous turnaround, and is once again gaining that past glory by displaying excellent results and performance in curricular and co-curricular activities. Every year many of our students both medical and engineering make into reputable professional institutions of the province. In case of Jahanzeb College, action speaks louder than words. We have tried our level best to maintain the highest possible standard, therefore, not only students of Swat, but students of adjacent areas also come to Jahanzeb College  in search of quality education.

Furthermore, students are our top priority and their educational needs are at the heart of our college planning and our facilities are geared towards students’ needs. In addition, we believe that intelligence plus character should be the goal of education and that is why we not only focus on academic excellence of our students, but we also endeavor to nurture integrity, responsibility and creativity in the character of our students, which is the hall mark of this august intuition. I, as the principal of the college, urge the present and prospective students to keep clear of the politics, which distract you from your cherished goals and you inadvertently fall prey to political opportunism. Given the stiff competition in every field, you must devote all your energies to your education and make the most of this rare opportunity being offered by this historical college.

Dear students you are the precious asset of our nation and this soil, and you must be cognizant of the fact that the world is fast heading toward a knowledge-based economy, where innovative, dynamic, well-informed, skilled and well-trained human resource is going to be in great demand. Therefore, I sincerely want you to fully utilize the student-friendly environment of our college and equip yourself with modern education and marketable skills to prepare yourself for a rewarding career in the new challenging environment of this new networking world.

Dear students I do assure you that you will find a congenial educational environment in our college, where your talent will blossom and your dreams will come true. In fact, choosing the right place for your studies is the most crucial decision of your life, but I do believe that by choosing this college of lofty traditions for your studies, you have put your career on the right track, leading you to secure, safe, prosperous and bright future, which will make all of us proud of you. I do hope you will find your stay with us both enjoyable and fruitful.

Finally, I wish you all the best and pray for the success of goals you have placed for yourselves to achieve. Now I call upon all of you to come forward and contribute your bit and make Pakistan a brighter, better and happier country not for yourself but the for the generation to come.


Our mission is to effect an evolutionary social change by providing modern education that encourages our students to realize their fullest potential.  We prepare our students to achieve academic and personal excellence to become lifelong learners and socially responsible, action-oriented and productive citizen of Pakistan with ethical loftiness, remaining deeply attached to their roots in this diverse and ever-changing world. To meet the challenges of time, BS System of education was launched back in 2010. Today, we have BS mode of education in 18 departments. Despite odds, we have never compromised on quality. Jahanzeb college has its own Quality Enhancement Cell that oversees the work performance of these 18 departments on regular basis.


We want to give productive, hardworking, innovative-minded and responsible people to the society, who believe in human dignity, equality, philanthropy, rule of law and justice. Our students will touch the life of every one and will become a treasured asset for the whole nation and humanity at large.


To provide the students with congenial educational environment with best learning opportunities plus instructional programs responsive to their lifelong learning, career and professional needs.

To inculcate in students innovative, creative, proactive and critical approach to take on the stiff challenges of the 21st century with professional honesty and diligence.

To shape the student’s personality in such a way that they become patriotic Pakistanis with proactive thinking and analytical approach to life as we consider enlightened students the catalyst for peaceful change in a society.

To prepare and equip our students with the latest changing trends and innovations in the field of education to enable them to play a vital role in enhancing the social and economic development of the country.