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History of Jahanzeb College

Jahanzeb College is a trailblazer for the rest of the institutions in KPK because of its rich history, exceptional teaching and its vital role in the enlightenment, development, shaping and broadening the spectrum of thinking of its students over the years.


Wali of Swat

His Highness, Miangul Abdul Haq Jahanzeb, the former ruler of Swat state, built a lot of schools in every corner of his domain, including the erection of the building of Jahanzeb College in 1952.

The buildings of Jahanzeb College can be seen in clusters sprawling on both sides of the road that links Mingora and Saidu Sharif.

History of Jahanzeb College Swat:

Swat is Famous for its natural beauty among the scenic places of the world. Here flowers bloom in abundance and water, in the form of rills, pay tribute to the might river that impregnates the lush green flanks on its banks. The invading Turks called it the land of “honey and Milk”. It is a fertile Valley and the ancient Greeks resided here for long.

The capital of Swat, Saidu Sharif, has always been the center of learning. All the ancient civilizations tell a glorious story of its past. The valley of swat enjoys the reputation of hosting and accommodating many civilizations at different ages; famous among them are the Grecian, Parthian, Kushan, Sassanid and Maurians. In the Buddhist Period Swat remained the cradle of learning. His Highness Miangul Abdul Haq Jahanzeb, the former ruler of Swat state, had a great zest to put the state on the track that leads to success and prosperity. During his reign due to the vigilant security system peace prevailed and quick justice was extended to people.

He provided free health facilities to every one and constructed many hospitals and the time when telephone was not that common in the rest of the country; his telephone web was the most efficient one. Miangul Abdul Haq Jahanzeb has a keen desire to see education prevailing in the state. He did a lot in this field. Apart from many schools in every nook and corner, he built the majestic building of Jahanzeb College in 1952.

Jahanzeb Postgraduate College towers with pride and promises a lot to the people of this area and the adjacent districts of K.P.K. The impressive buildings of Jahanzeb College can be seen in clusters sprawling on both sides of the road that links Mingora and Saidu Sharif.

About P.G Jahanzeb College

Government Post Graduate Jahanzeb College is one of the pioneer institutes of higher education in Swat ValleyKhyber Pakhtunkhwa. It was founded by the ex-ruler of Swat State, in order to provide education to the populace of the region. It is in the Malakand division.

The college offers both arts and science learning opportunities to the students and affiliated with the University of Swat. The College has been built in the shape of “E”

Hostel facilities

The College has five hostels which are located in close proximity to the main building.

Saidu Hostel: (1953)

Saidu Hostel has two storey building with a capacity of 120 boarders for intermediate section.

Federal Hostel: (1973)

Federal Hostel has two Storey building with a capacity of 52 boarders for degree level and located in neighborhood of Saidu Hostel.

Girls Hostel: (2003).

Girls hostel has two storey building with Limited boarders capacity for Post Graduate level students.

Mingora Hostel: (1956).

Mingora Hostel has three Storey building with a Capacity of 200 boarders for Post graduate level students and situated near grassy ground.

Bachelor’s Hostel: ( 1984).

Bachelor’s Hostel has two Storey building and is reserve for teachers only.

Admission Policy

1. Admission to Intermediate and Degree classes shall be determined as per admission policy notified by the Education department Govt of Khyber Pakhtun Khwa.

2. Immediately after the declaration of SSC and Intermediate result the desiring candidates should submit their admission forms to First year class or third year class.

3. Admission starts on the 10th day of the declaration of the result by Board/University and shall continue for 7 days only.

4. Late admission cases will be dealt with strictly according to the Board’s policy.

5. Candidates seeking admission should apply on the prescribed form along with the photo copies (Attested) of the following documents.

  • Provisional certificate of the last examination passed.
  • S.S.C certificate.
  • Detailed marks of the last examination passed.
  • Character certificate.
  • Migration certificate in case the candidate has passed the last examination from board other than BISE Swat.
  • Undertaking from the applicant and her father/guardian to the effect that candidate shall not take part in political activities during her stay in the college. This undertaking is applicable for those candidates how get admission in the college, hence be submitted at the time of admission only.
  • Domicile certificate.

6. The candidate is advised to apply separately for different faculties i.e. faculty of arts and science.

7. No change of faculty of studies is permissible after admission to the one applied for. However those applied in both the faculties can do so as per merit list. i.e. after taking admission in their second choice, they would be allowed I shift in the faculty if their name is displayed in the merit list of that faculty. Change of the subjects within a given course of studies is allowed up to 21 day of the beginning of the session.

8. The age of candidate for admission to different classes on the last date of the receipt of the admission forms should be as under:

For Intermediate: 19 years

For B.S. (Four Years Degree) 22 years

9. Candidates possessing E Grade in SS/Inter class or having compartment in any subject need not to apply.

10. Reference will be given to those candidates who have passed the last annual or preceding board examination.

11. Mere submission of form does not entitle admission the college. The candidate must note that entrance requirement is competitive and those with high percentage marks are likely to be admitted.

12. The candidate late in submission of application forms or failing to appear for interview on the notified date shall not claim the right of admission. It is the responsibility of the candidate to keep themselves informed of the dates of admission/interview etc.

13. Preference in admission will be given to the applicant of the area. Applications from other areas will be considered in case of A Grade only and also those who have genuine reasons.

14. Candidates passing in the supplementary examination shall not be eligible for admission in the academic year.

15. Students who failed in any class or did not appear in the examination or discontinued their studies shall not be allowed re-admission in the same class or lower class.

16. Admission will be cancelled under the following circumstances.

  • If any of the information given by the students in her admission form is found to be incorrect at any stage.
  • If a student continues to remain absent for more than six consecutive days.
  • A student whose admission is cancelled or she is struck off from the college rolls on account of her absence from the class/classes for more than six consecutive days can apply for re-admission within 15 days of the struck off from the college rolls. If she applies later than 15 days from the date of cancellation of admission/struck off from the college rolls she will not be allowed re-admission for the second time if she is again struck off from the college rolls on account of her long absence.
  • If a student is found to be a professional agitator, or has been struck off from any Educational Institute on disciplinary action.
  • If a student is involved in politics.


  • Migration shall not be allowed if the distance between the two colleges is less than 16 kilometers.
  • Migration from a Government owned college to a private owned college is allowed subject to the consent of the concerned Principal.
  • Migration to a government owned college shall not be allowed. However the Director Higher Education KPK may allow migration in the following hardship cases.
  • When parents/spouse is a government servant and she is transferred to another station, same year of year ago, their children, spouse may be allowed migration to the station of their parents or spouse posting place. Similarly on the retirement or death of her parents migration be allowed to the place of their shifting.
  • If a student or her family (Blood relation) is involved in enmity to the extent that her life is insecure in the area where her college is situated. In such case she shall produce copy of FIR based on 302 or 307 against her or her family members duly attested by the concerned police station.
  • A student who gets into marriage during her studies may be allowed migration to the college, which is situated in the area where her spouse is residing. She shall however produce Nikah-Nama as an evidence of her claim.
  • In all emerging situations arising from time to time, keeping in view the Spirit of Migration Policy, the decision of Competent Authority will be Final.

In addition students’ migration to this college shall produce the following documents.

  • A character and college leaving certificate from the head of the institution last attended.
  • A copy of Registration certificate for Board/University from which the student has passed SSC/Inter/Degree examination.
  • Record of attendance and college examination
This is the Administration Block of P.G Jahanzeb College
This is Wadudia Hall, P.G Jahanzeb College
This is Information technology and computer science department, P.G Jahanzeb College
The inside view of Jahanzeb College Library
P.G Block
This is P.G Block, Jahanzeb College
This is the library of P.G Jahanzeb College
This is science block of P.G Jahanzeb College
This is science block, including socialogy, pak Study and Islamic studies department, P.G Jahanzeb College